Partners in Your Dental Health  

Drs. Ira and Lori  Levenson      

The team of Partners in Your Dental Health provides you with exceptional, up to date Periodontal and Dental Implant services in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  They work intimately with your general dentist so that your periodontal and dental implant needs are addressed to everyone's satisfaction.

Drs. Ira and Lori have extensive experience and one of their main goals is to help you achieve your optimal oral health.  Some of the services they provide include Periodontal Surgery, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Soft Tissue Reconstruction, Soft Tissue Grafting, Bone Grafting, Preserving and Reconstructing the Jaw Bone, Tooth Extraction in Preparation for Dental Implant Placement, and Soft and Hard Tissue Crown Lengthening.

The doctors and their staff participate in frequent continuing education courses, thereby ensuring that you receive the latest and most effective treatments possible.  Not only do they attend continuing education classes but they are also certified through the Ohio State Dental Board to provide continuing dental education and they provide this service to your general dentist as well as your general dentist's hygienists and staff.

Drs. Ira and Lori are licensed to provide Oral and IV sedation for their patients.  This service requires extensive training and certification beyond a dental license.  To maintain their license, continuing education separate from their dental license is necessary.
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